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My Services

I provide a wide array of development services.


I have over 5 years of experience in this area as well as outside of it. In 2016 I started to make a variety of systems and tools. I have a good base in Lua, Python and C++.


All the systems and tools available on my website were created by me and I can also create customized systems according to the client’s request.

OSF Project

I created a project in 2017 based on the mainline branch that aims to be one of the best stable cores with relatively new content for a good national server as well as an international. I’m always maintaining the same and updating it regularly.

Quality Assurance

The price you pay for any service will be repaid in the best way possible! We always ensure support for our customers! All available services are reviewed and tested before selling and/or launching updates.

OSF Project

Current Version

Our project is focused on enthusiasts who want to create a server as a base that contains relatively modern content, while also maintaining a stable core at all times! If you are looking for that, you are in the right place. Our goal is to create the best base for your server and keep it always up to date for you and all our customers.


You will have all the files you need to start creating your server! Client, Source Files, Tools, Resources, Documents, Tutorials & Guidelines.


I update the project regularly and all the updates are committed via GitHub.


I’m always grateful to help you with anything you need, such as answering questions, helping to set up something or solving any problem that is related to the project.

Exclusive Access to the Community

We have a private Discord server and you can have exclusive access to it! There you can live with our community such as helping to solve problems, discuss anything about the project and in general help us grow as a community.

OSF Project Statistics

More than 55 active clients!

We have a wide array of active users using our project! We are a great community with the perfect recipe for your server’s success!

Over 55 servers using OSF!

Many servers are using the OSF project! Be part of our project!

Build the best server with OSF!

OSF Clients around the World!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)