Frequently Asked Questions

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The OSF project is focused on enthusiasts who are looking for a modern and stable base. We put a lot of effort into creating a project that is both up-to-date and reliable. We use the latest technologies and practices to ensure that our product is not only functional, but also easy to use. We also take feedback into consideration and make improvements to our project regularly. We believe that this dedication to quality and stability sets our project apart from others in the market.
The project will offer everything you need to create your unique server. We provide you with a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary components to set up and run your server. This includes the source, server and client files, and any necessary documentation. We are committed to providing both quality and quantity in our project, so you can expect a high-quality product with all the features and functionality you need to create your own unique server.
The main difference between V5 and V6 are the updates. V5 primarily focuses on normal maintenance, which are bug fixes and other minimal tweaks, while V6 also provides the same it can also include a reworked system, new systems, new features and others. V6 is an enhanced version with additional capabilities and improvements compared to V5.
No, all versions prior to V5 have been deprecated. The current versions are V5 & V6.
Yes, you can upgrade from V5 to V6 for an additional cost if you really want to get the benefits of exclusive updates, please read more about the differences between V5 and V6 or contact us for more information.
Yes, your license is lifetime guaranteed. This means that once you purchase a license, you will have access to that license for the lifetime of the product. You will not have to worry about renewing your license or losing access to the product in the future.
Absolutely, we understand that it’s important to make sure that our products will meet your needs before making a purchase. That’s why we offer a free test client that you can download from our website. This will allow you to test any of our files before making a purchase, giving you the confidence that the product will meet your needs.
Yes, you can remove certain features from the project, but not all of the features can be removed. This is because some features are necessary for the proper functioning of the project, and removing them may cause the project to not work correctly. However, we can guide you to customize the project to meet your specific needs and remove any features that are not necessary for your project.
We currently accept PayPal as our only form of payment. PayPal is a widely used and secure platform for making online payments. It is easy to use and allows you to make payments quickly and safely.
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for digital material. This is because digital products can easily be copied, and once they have been downloaded, it is not possible to return them. We do offer a free test client that you can download from our website before making a purchase, so you can be sure that the product meets your needs before making a purchase.
You can reach us on various platforms or by email. For a full list of our contact information, please check our contact page on our website.
Yes, we do make custom systems on requests. However, you must contact us in order to discuss the process and the necessary conditions.
Yes, as a service provider, we have terms and conditions that you must agree to and abide by if you want to use any of our services or purchase any of our products. These terms and conditions outline our policies and procedures, as well as what is expected of our customers and what our customers can expect from us. It is important to read and understand these terms and conditions before using our services or purchasing our products, as they govern the relationship between you and us “Owsap Development”. You can find the full documentation of our terms and conditions on our website in a dedicated “Terms & Conditions” page for easy reference.