OSF Project

We Have The Best Server Files


Our project is focused on enthusiasts who want to create a private server with a base that contains relatively modern content, keeping a stable core at all times and up to date.

Our goal is to create and maintain the best base for any private server of any style.

Quality Assurance

Current Version


Client And Server Information

Check the basic information regarding the Client and Server, these details are mainly about versions and assets.

  • SDK: Windows 10.0 (Latest)
  • Platform Toolset: v143, Visual Studio 2022
  • C++ Version: C++20
  • OS Support: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Root: 2018
    • Cython: Yes
  • Assets / Packs: GF v22.0.8 (February 2022)
  • Branch: mainline_update
  • Compiler: LLVM + GCC 9 (Latest)
  • C++ Version: C++20
  • OS Support
    • FreeBSD 11, 12, 13
    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Database: MySQL 8.0
  • Protos: GF v22.0.8 (February 2022)

For privacy reasons, we do not provide any information on our website about systems or features that are implemented on the server, but you can find out about them by contacting us or even downloading our test client and seeing it in real time.


Frequently asked questions from clients

Here are some common questions that clients ask us regarding the OSF Project.

What Do I Get With The OSF Project?

The OSF Project will provide you quality and quantity! The price you pay for is the price you will be answered for! You will get access to everything you need; Client, Source Files, Tools, Resources, Documents, Tutorials / Guidelines, exclusive access to my Discord channel (Only OSF customers), GitHub access where you can find and download the latest updates! Finally, you will have as well and as always, a hard-working maintainer and developer that wants to create the best enhanced server for you!

How Can I Test The Files Before Purchasing?

Our test client is always available for people who are interested in trying it out but you’ll need an account first! You can request an account from Owsap, through the contact route. Click here to find his contact.

What Kinds of Payment Do You Accept?

We currently only accept payments via PayPal with the option to send as a donation ie “Friends and Family” option.

What Are Your Terms and Conditions?

We have specific regulations and conditions for clients who want to be part of the OSF Project, and these have to be accepted and bound to in order to use any provided service. Check the full Terms & Conditions page.