How to Fish

In order to fish, you need, level 30, a Fishing Rod from the Fisherman, you also need bait, Worm or Paste.
When you are next to water, equip the fishing rod, use the chosen bait (right click on inventory), you will see the message “You attached Worm/Paste to th hook as bait”, then press space and the character will start fishing.
A window will appear

  • The goal is to click the fish 3 times, while the fish is inside the circle
  • The yellow bar on the bottom is the time available
  • Failing to click the fish reduces the available time
  • Successful click will show “Hit”
  • Failed click will show “Miss”
  • If you succeed 3 clicks you might or might not succeed in catching the fish



  • Compiler: GCC 4.8+ / VS 2013+
  • Code Language: C++ & Python;


Version 1.1

  • Fixed around packet.

Version 1.0

  • First commit.


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