Legendary Enchantment Item (Set Custom Attributes)

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A legendary enchantment item that allows you to select all 5 bonuses.

This archive already includes a step-by-step tutorial guideline but if you require me to install the system for you, please select the additional cost below.


Removes the bonuses from one of your items and adds new ones. You can select each bonus manually, and then you can decide whether you wish to accept the displayed bonuses. This enchant item is only applied to armors and weapons with 5 or mores bonuses.

There are two (2) types of legendary enchantment items, blue and purple.

Blue has a certain percentage (%) of success although if the enchantment fails the item is destroyed.

Purple has a 100 percent (%) success rate of enchanting.

It is also possible to enable this item just for GM’s.



  • Compiler: GCC 4.8+ / VS 2013 +
  • Code Language: C++ & Python;



  • Fixed already existing bonus output from base.


  • First commit.

1 review for Legendary Enchantment Item (Set Custom Attributes)

  1. Kraaz (verified owner)

    Works perfect! Not bad idea!

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