Defeat world bosses in a neutral zone and receive rewards! Whether it’s Bagjanamu, General Outis, Azrael, Dragon Watcher Idall or The Great Ogre – these giants are a challenge to whole legions of courageous players.

Here’s What’s in Store

A world boss will appear at a random point in time during the event. You will receive a server message about the area being terrorized by the boss. You must defeat the world boss to receive a reward. Meanwhile, the damage you inflict is recorded.

If your character inflicts at least the minimum damage required and the boss is defeated, you will receive loot based on your rank in the damage ranking. But be warned – to receive the reward, you must still be on the same map when the boss is defeated.

If the world boss escapes, the damage counter is reset and nobody receives the loot – so give it your all and bring down the beast before it can retreat!


The more damage you inflict on the world boss, the higher you’ll stand in the rankings for that boss. Earn a high ranking for better loot – and a better ranking for you and your guild on the Metin2 website!

  • Places 1-10: Loot Level I
  • Places 11-25: Loot Level II
  • Places 26-100: Loot Level III
  • Places 100+ but with having inflicted the minimum amount of damage: Loot Level IV

IMPORTANT: you must pick up your reward before the next world boss appears in the event banner or else it will be lost.

Rankings on the Website

You receive rank points for your place in the world boss rankings.

Tip: Start your hunt for the world boss as soon as possible, because shortly after the server launch, the world bosses are still disorientated and respectively easier to defeat – you can quickly earn a few points this way.

How many points you receive depends on your loot level or damage (configurable) from the in-game rankings of the world boss event:

  • Loot Level I: 10 points
  • Loot Level II: 5 points
  • Loot Level III: 2 points
  • Loot Level IV: 1 point

Or, specific points for the position of the in-game ranking.


Everything can be configurable and adjusted using an external text file.



  • 100% Official Like
  • Modern & Optimized Code
  • Fully Customizable
  • Cached Ranking System
  • Reversed Module
  • Dynamic Packet

Minimum Requirements

  • C++17
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • GCC9 / Clang
  • FreeBSD 12.0
  • Updated Client Pack Folder



  • Initial commit.


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